The world progress will have no meaning
so long as there are unhappy children.
Albert Einstein

Welcome at the home page of IPPEC, the Institute for Psychology and Psychosomatics of Early Childhood. 

IPPEC is a private research and training institute for early onset disorders in critically ill infants and children. Working since years with handicapped infants, infants born preterm or at risk and their families we find specific problem areas of infants, parents, as well as professionals.

Infants and children born preterm and/or at risk are often suffering under emotional, behavioural, and self regulation disturbances like feeding disorders, long term tube dependency, posttraumatic feeding disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorders with regard to intensive care.

Parents experience senses of helplessness, lack of parental self competence, adjustment disorders, acute and posttraumatic stress disorders, personal problems as well as relationship disorders caused by the life-threatening events according their infant, its illness and (intensive) care treatment.

Professionals working with severely ill infants, children, and their parents need to have more knowledge about the psychological processes in infants and parents as well as knowledge to prevent further problems and to handle difficult situations.

We want to share our experience from scientific and clinical work with you in lectures, workshops or trainings. We want to invite you to discuss these topics to create a nurturing environment for all children who need assistance in live.


Markus Wilken