We offer lectures and workshops covering the topics above. Lectures are aimed at providing basic knowledge and an outline of the particular subject. In workshops (1-2 days) the basic knowledge and outline of the subject is complemented with group work and tutorials. For training in tube weaning see “Interdisciplinary team training for implementing tube weaning therapy”.


Feeding disorders and tube weaning
Feeding, feeding problems and feeding disorders
Self regulation and feeding disorders
Tube dependency in infants and children
Interdisciplinary diagnostics concerning feeding disorders
Tube weaning: Basic knowledge
Psychological treatment of feeding disorders
Evaluation of treatment programs concerning feeding disorders and tube weaning

Child Therapy
Therapy for posttraumatic feeding disorders
Play therapy for medically traumatized children
Relationship-based intervention for parents and children with disabilities

Working with parents
Counseling for parents
“Hard-to-handle-parents”: Building compliance and keeping it up
Communication between parents and infants: Understanding problems and finding resources

Coping with trauma
Traumatization of parents: Basic knowledge
Supporting traumatized parents

What about us? Preventing secondary traumatization
Working in teams
Communication in teams
Conflict management in teams