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Theory of Music

 Additional requirements: Seventh and Eighth grades practical.
 For these examinations, as set out in the table following, an additional examination is required.
 The additional requirement must be completed by not later than the end of the next calendar
 year following the successful completion of the practical examination.

Grade 8 (Incl. Grade 7 range.)

1. Basic chords
2. Authentic/chromatic cadence
3. Translation of music style
4. Basic analysis of fugue
5. Church mode
6. Music form of Canon
7. Music history-Lives of composers and the types and characteristics of their works
8. Brief introductions of 4 major families of orchestra 

Grade 7 (Incl. Grade 6 range.)

1. Changes of simple/compound meters (including duplet and triplet and so on)
2. Modulation
3. Harmonic rules
4. Translation of basic music style
5. Inversions in intervals
6. Mordent/arpeggio (ornaments)
7. Concepts of Sonata musical form
8. Music history-Important composers and their works in Baroque, Classic,
  Romantic and Modern periods
9. Basic conduction

Grade 6 (Incl. Grade 5 range.)

1. Treble/ alto/ bass clef used for instrument and vocal music
2. Changes of simple/compound meters
3. II/III/VI/VII chords in major and minor keys
4. Italian musical terminology
5. Long/short appoggiatura
6. Music forms used in Sonata
7. Musical forms of Rondo
8. Music history-Basic concepts about Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Modern periods

Grade 5 (Incl. lower grades range.)

1. Definition of alto clef
2. Progression of 2 voices
3. Augmented/diminished intervals
4. Augmented/diminished triad
5. Seventh chord inversion
6. Tonic (I)/dominant (v)/sub-dominant (IV) chords in major and minor keys
7. Basic Italian musical terminology
8. Inverted turn (ornaments)
9. Musical form analysis on binary/ternary form

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